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Death of Meta Tags – or Maybe Not

“Meta Tags – the golden word of Web 1.0 – are irrelevant now”

I heard someone at a local dev event making this comment today and it immediately got me thinking. True, I do not spend as much time as I used to – oh the good old days – worrying about meta tagging. But are meta tags really irrelevant? This introspection set into motion an evening of soul searching and web research, followed by this blog entry.

The truth of the matter is that “meta tags” are not nearly as important as they used to be, and that should be remembered when one is allocating his/her time towards this specific task. Not too long ago – during the time of the good old Web 1.0 – meta tags were a primary factor for search engines, and all of us gave those ”meta keywords tag” and “meta description tags” that little extra bit of attention. They are, however, no longer the primary factor for the modern search engine. And alas, the statement that got this introspection going is relatively true … Read the rest of this entry »

iPhone OS 4.0

Yesterday was a big day at Apple. They finally showed us what they have been working on for past year or so. iPhone, like it or hate it, is a hot platform. With the introduction of iPad, things are just going to get hotter. It will be interesting to see how developers tackle the latest SDK.

So what is in the latest SDK:

  • Multitasking
  • iAd
  • Game Center
  • New API
  • New Development Tools

We at OAK Computing are excited to get our hands on this latest SDK. Our clients have been asking us to start brainstorming the possibilities of using the new SDK.  Apple has opened up a few of the closed APIs that will allow us to really make the experience fun and unique.

Perhaps the most exciting feature is “Multitasking” and along with it the ability to do “offline notifications”. If your application needed to provide real time alerts to the user without the use of push notification the “offline notifications” should really make it easier. Your application can now keep running in the background and when needed be ready for consumption.

We at OAK Computing have already started working on some updates to our existing client applications with latest SDK. If you wish to see how we can help you deliver on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, please get in touch with us.

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