7 Tips to Increase Productivity While Flying

http://all-free-download.com/free-photos/aircraft_flight_image_01_hd_pictures_166328.htmlTraveling can either be a time for rest or an opportunity to get some work done on the go. Some people prefer to relax, turn off their brain and catch up on TV shows or leisurely reading. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you travel often for work, or just have to get some much-needed work done, it’s important to take advantage of your travel time. Here are 7 tips I use personally to stay productive while traveling.


 1.  Plan Your Time

Before you travel, set goals and make a road map of what you need to accomplish. During layovers, you will have access to Internet, whereas in flight you will not (at least not during Canada or International flights) so plan accordingly. Be realistic, things may not always go according to plan. Scheduling a conference call 30 minutes before boarding may not be a good idea. If the call runs late, it will be increasingly difficult to conduct the call. You will have to stay close to the gate, pay attention to boarding announcements, and on top of that battle with the noise of awaiting passengers. So don’t even think you will be able to hear your clients or coworkers!


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 2. Charge up before you travel

Charge all your electronics before you leave. In your carry on, make sure to pack chargers and extra batteries if you have them. Don’t waste your time searching for an outlet in an airport. I swear it’s like going on a wild goose hunt! Some airport’s outlets are readily available, where others are near impossible to find. Layover time is when you only want to be searching for food, not outlets. And if you’re a vegetarian like me, expect to spend serious time looking for food in an airport!


3. Paper is still good for something!

Before you fly, print out reading material for those times where using technology is either not convenient, or it’s simply not an option. We all have articles bookmarked that we have been intending to read for way too long, or a client document that needs to be reviewed. Print it off. Keep it with you to read in the taxi or during the time when devices need to be stowed. I also like to keep a notebook and pen on me to capture ideas when they come to mind, or when I feel like writing things down the old fashioned way.


 4. Network

If you are flying out of a business city (like Ottawa or Toronto) there are business professionals all around you. If not, there are still lots of opportunity to network and make small talk with other flyers. Whether you’re in the x-ray line, Tim Horton’s or on the plane – reach out. You never know what could happen. You may have a nice chat about life, business, economics – or it may end at hello. Either way, the outcome could result in acquiring a new client, or at the very least expanding your professional network. And don’t forget to bring your business cards!


 5. Capitalize on being disconnected

On most International or Canadian flights there is still no option for in-flight Wi-Fi. So take a deep breath. Exhale. And cherish being utterly disconnected from the world. In our day and age it is a rare experience. While in the air, put in headphones and divulge yourself into your work. Use this disconnected time to your advantage. Work on offline tasks such as writing and creative thinking. I find when I fly I have a greater opportunity to get more work done by being focused with minimal distractions. Unless, you have a kid kicking the back of your seat, that’s a whole other can of worms. But that’s what business class is for … ah one day!


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Spacious Air Canada Executive Class

6. Sit in the Aisle

Every time I fly I always choose the window seat. I love looking at the landscape, clouds, and the approaching ocean if I am flying home. Unfortunately, if I sit by the window I am often too distracted to be reasonably productive. Last time I flew, I was assigned the aisle seat (obviously not by my own choice). As I was busy writing away, I realized how much work I was getting done. No window gazing, no distractions – just focused energy. So if you are like me, and love to look out the window, sit there when you are flying to Cuba. But for productivity’s sake, choose the aisle seat.


 7.  Time to Reconnect: The Layover

Whether your layover is 1, 3, or 5 hours, it’s a great time to reconnect with the world. After you finish looking for the washroom, food, and somewhere good to park yourself close to your gate – reconnect yourself. Compared to the alone, quiet time on the airplane, a layover is usually anything but. Spend this time catching up on your emails, phone calls, social media, web management or research – anything that needs a connection.


Next time you fly, apply these tips and you will be surprised how much work you can actually achieve while traveling. If you are a frequent flyer, you can appreciate how valuable your travel time is for getting work done. Happy travels!


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