A Tribute to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

The conversation in the office today is all about the passing of Steve Jobs.  At OAK we have different levels of apple fans:  the early adopter, some from the early majority, and a couple from the late but loyal majority.  But regardless of whether we’re from the apple cult, absolute fans, or skeptics of itunes, we all have great respect for the innovation, the business and vision, of Steve Jobs.

To every entrepreneur out there, Steve Jobs is the gold standard.  For tech startups, he’s almost a myth:  building a garage tech startup into the most valuable company in the US, valued greater than Exxon Mobil (yes tech > oil – understand why he’s a legend?)

And while he has passed away, his genius will continue to be referenced in our OAK offices just as frequently.  The most impressive part is that everyone at OAK references him – the business strategist, the designer, the coder and the marketer in the office – agreeing or disagreeing, but always comparing to his gold standard.

Yesterday on BBC someone mentioned that incredibly “most people found out about Steve Jobs’ passing from a device that he invented”.  In my case this was very true.

Steve Jobs, your name is synonymous with vision, innovation, entrepreneurship, brilliant instinct, quality, second chances, unapologetic business strategy, change, gorgeous hardware and impressive software.  Every entreprenur dreams that their name can be synonymous with even just one from the list above.

Edison, Ford, Jobs.  A fitting continuation of a legacy of innovators.  Steve Jobs will not be forgotten.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs

“Don’t let the voice of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.” – Steve Jobs

“Stay hungry, stay foolish.” – Steve Jobs 

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  1. Steve was a major inspiration for every technology entrepreneur of our generation. He’ll be greatly missed.

  2. Great article Sonia! He surely is and will be a benchmark point for many..

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