Located in Ottawa, Canada, OAK takes on web and software application development projects from clients around the globe. Get in touch with us and we would be happy to sit down for a coffee anytime, and the coffee is always on us. We guarantee you a great conversation at the very minimum – always!

Our Vision

We aspire to be the most creative and innovative software company in the world.


Our Mission

At OAK, we will always strive to create highly responsive and asset based technology solutions that bridge our client’s execution gaps while introducing them to the magic and power of software.


Our Offerings

  • Software Development: Our software development services include everything from a simple content web site to the most complex web-based internet applications.
  • Software Customization: Custom developed solutions on your existing software platforms to help maximize the value of your investments and meet specific business goals.
  • Software Support & Maintenance: Shared services support model that helps you maintain and enhance your software applications optimizing delivery time, quality and cost.
  • Software Implementation: Our proven rollout and implementation methodology ensures high quality product rollouts on-time and within budget for clients across geographies.
  • Mobile Solutions: End-to-end mobile development services – from planning through implementation and deployment.


Why Us

  • Our team: We are a passionate, driven, energetic, visionary and most importantly fun team
  • Proven Software Engineering Excellence: We do what we do remarkably well
  • Technology Focus: Our understanding of new age technology is unparallel
  • Deep Vertical Understanding: Our in house understanding of business and markets gives us an edge
  • Leadership in Distributed Project Management: We understand the challenges of complex, large-scale and mission-critical software developments.
  • Mature Quality Assurance: Quality is the inner driving force of every project we handle at OAK

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