Apt613 & OAK: A Community Partnership

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of Apartment613’s new website later today (stay tuned, it’ll be live at around 9:00 pm)!  As Apt613’s technology partner, OAK has been working zealously to redesign, re-architect, develop and launch a fresh and innovative web presence for Apt613.  As a part of this commitment, OAK will also provide on-going technical support to ensure that the rivoting content of Apt613 continues to be presented and shared to Ottawaians in the best possible way.

A Little About Apartment613

Apt613 is Ottawa’s go-to community website, committed to connecting people to their neighborhoods.  Written and produced by a group of passionate & eclectic individuals whose goal is to uncover the pulse of the city, Apt613 profiles “exciting people, places and going ons”; that is, the world of art, dance, music, food, fashion, politics, love, opinion, and anything interesting in the Ottawa scene.  Apt613 is a platform for participation and community building, only 3 years old, but already the gold standard in Ottawa.

A Happy Story of an Apartment and an OAK

This partnership, similar to OAK’s partnership with HUB Ottawa, is another case of being at the right time at the right place.  At a networking event in town, Apt613’s François Levesque made an open request asking for help with a better events system for their site.  Manu Sharma, ever present at such events and a huge fan of Apt613 (as we all are at OAK) and their community building efforts, instantly recognized the technical expertise OAK could provide Apt613.  With a strong portfolio of design and development work in building media-rich sites used for multi-colloboration, and with a long history of deploying solutions to local grass roots community projects (see Hub Ottawa, Byward Eats, CISED, CPhA Diabetes Forum , One Prosper), OAK was a natural fit to Apt613.  As all good design projects, the decision was made to rework the entire site rather than inputting a sophisticated calander into a solution that Apt613 had outgrown.  As we like to say, why put a Ferrari engine into a Mustang chassis?

We are extremely proud of the fruits of our labour and are extremely excited to see the possibilities an Apt613 & OAK partnership can bring to community and neighborhood engagement.  We’re just getting started!

And the party is just getting started!  Come out and celebrate the launching of the new site today at RAW Sugar – all info can be found here!

If you are an Ottawa based community organization with a strong focus on grass-root change and you have a strong desire to see how technology can help you further your change footprint, then please get in touch with us. As a part of our community commitment, we seek to help 4-5 community organizations each year with their web/technology projects. We are always happy to hear your vision and how you feel we can work together to make our wonderful Ottawa community stronger and better connected.

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