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When we moved to our office in the Byward Market last April,we were excited about all the food options that were now available to us.  Italian, Indian, Mexican, Thai, BBQ, fast food, fine foods, etc. – finally, we had choices galore.

But what we quickly realized was that not many of the plethora of restaurants surrounding us were good, nor were they cheap.  Also being a technology company, we quickly realized that most of the restaurants did not have a strong digital footprint…or even weak digital footprint for that matter.

So as a side project, we at OAK decided to launch a mini-project.  The premise was simple; we wanted to identify the best affordable restaurants in the market for lunch.  We wanted to share this knowledge with others.  We wanted to increase the digital footprint of these restaurants.  We wanted to test our assumptions of why these restaurants do not have or are not interested in a strong digital presence.  And we wanted to experiment with video blogging, as that medium is not being used in the Ottawa foodie blogosphere.  To do this we developed Byward Eats, a food blog focusing on eateries in the Byward Market, and through this blog we will reveal our top 10 lunches for under $15.

The process is as follows:  we created a master list of great restaurants composed of our personal favorites, those highly reviewed on Ottawa Foodies, and the highest ranking restaurants on UrbanSpoon.  Then we had the “tough” job of lunching at these places, meeting with the owners to test our assumptions, vlogging & blogging on BywardEats, and ranking our top 10 restaurants.

Our top 10 will be revealed, one rank at a time, starting today.  At the end of the project, we will recap our lessons learned and share them with you.  It should be interesting, and the process will definitely be delicious.

Note:  OAK Computing has partnered with Apt613 to create their new website.  Sonia Riahi and Ashima Kudaisya of OAK Compting will also be guest blogging about the Byward Eats Project on Apt613.

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  1. Cafe 55 hands down.
    Pita Pit is good too, and Burrito Borracha.

    But Cafe 55 before all else.

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