Change a Life with a $25 Kiva Loan!

kiva Here at OAK we love to give back. Not just to our local community, but to our neighbors around the world. Over the past month we have been gung-ho about Kiva! Increasing awareness and memberships of this awesome organization through our OAK Business Group.  Now we have 60 members and have given over 100 loans, how exciting!!

What is Kiva you ask? Well let me tell you! Kiva is an amazing non-profit organization that believes in connecting people through lending, to alleviate global poverty. They are the middlemen that make it possible for you and I to make small micro-loans, to foster entrepreneurship and development around the world. Kiva provides you with the borrowers repayment and business statistics, heart clenching stories and financial goals- all at your fingertips.

Now is especially the time to act. The co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman has donated $1 million to attract new members to Kiva, with their first $25 loan on him. What a guy! But I know many people hesitate to make donations. I used to be the same. I wouldn’t bat an eye when I spent $30 on 2 pizzas, but I would procrastinate and over think before I would ever decide to lend $25 on Kiva. However to be honest, with repaying stats of 99.01%, we have nothing to lose!

Manu Sharma (one of OAK’s co-founder & managing partners) is who I have to thank for my Kiva membership. He is extremely passionate about this organization and is encouraging his network and community to rally for Kiva. Everyone here at OAK has been working hard to spread the word as well. Currently we are #1 for new users in the Business category and #2 for last month.  We gained 50 members in the past month alone, talk about growth! We are so excited to see all of our colleagues, family members and acquaintances come together to make this world a better place. Lending on Kiva is personally rewarding in a whole new way.

Let’s share the love of giving and the opportunity to make a difference. Personally, I have helped Kiva borrowers buy farm supplies, cows and building supplies. Who will you help today?

We encourage you to join our OAK team @

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