CISED & OAK: Amplifying Social Entrepreneurship in Ottawa

We are super excited to announce our partnership with the Collaborative for Innovative Social Enterprise Development (CISED). Starting January 2012, OAK is helping CISED with the development and launch a new digital and web strategy, which includes a complete overhaul of their web presence, review of their social media footprint and ongoing advisory support to put in place a technology roadmap that will help CISED leverage its strengths and deliver timely and relevant support to Social Enterprises from across Ottawa.


What does this mean?
In a nutshell, CISED is committed to offering the best tech tools for social entrepreneurs and OAK will help CISED with the development of the tools and the strategy for their deployment – while constantly reviewing the consumption of all support delivered through tech platforms.
How it all started:

OAK’s has a longstanding commitment to development of social entrepreneurship in our community.  In the past, we have developed and deployed projects for other non-profit community organizations like One Prosper, TalentBridge, Ottawa Community Challenge, Apt613, Hub Ottawa to name a few. OAK’s Manu Sharma and Sonia Riahi have a long history of developing programming support for youth entrepreneurship and community engagement.  The Ottawa Community Challenge, a competition challenging youth entrepreneurs to solve business problems of local social enterprises over an intense 48-hour period, was the first collaboration effort between Manu Sharma and CISED (with HUB Ottawa being the other collaborator).   The relationship has since flourished into a defined partnership where CISED was looking for a local tech firm with a commitment to community development and community engagement to help them gear their next generation of digital strategy, and OAK – as a part of its community commitment – was looking to work closely with an Ottawa non-profit that has a strong commitment to grass-root entrepreneurship development. It was a natural fit.

As CISED’s Jonathan Wade likes to say, “it takes a community to raise a social enterprise” and OAK is proud to be part of that community alongside with CISED. At OAK we firmly believe that business and markets have an important role to play in development of a strong social sector, and we are strong supporters of CISED’s belief that social sector can correct inefficiencies, reduce disparities and solve market problems. We are just getting started on this project with CISED, and we have strong hopes that together we can make a real difference.

If you are an Ottawa based community organization with a strong focus on grass-root change and you have a strong desire to see how technology can help you further your change footprint, then please get in touch with us. As a part of our community commitment, we seek to help 4-5 community organizations each year with their web/technology projects. We are always happy to hear your vision and how you feel we can work together to make our wonderful Ottawa community stronger and better connected.

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