Hub Ottawa & OAK: A Partnership Inspiring Innovation

All of us at OAK are extremely excited and proud to announce our partnership with Hub Ottawa and the launch of Hub Ottawa’s new site today!  As their technology partner, OAK has been working closely with Hub Ottawa to develop and launch their new web presence, review, and to help them put in place a new media/digital strategy. As a part of this commitment, apart from the ongoing renewal of the Hub’s web presence, OAK will also provide advisory support to help the Hub deliver on its core mandate “to catalyze and support new ideas and innovative solutions to our society’s most pressing issues“.

A Little About Hub Ottawa

Hub Ottawa is a a community where individuals have the space, resources and peer support to kick-start their ideas, collaborate and grow. Located at 71 Bank Street, the Hub will give our community access to a buzzing co-working/learning environment where ideas will cross-pollinate and come to fruition.

As the Hub’s technology partnership, OAK will help Hub Ottawa leverage the power of web, mobile and social media to grow their social footprint and amplify the impact of their service delivery.

How it came to be:  A Case of Being at the Right Time at the Right Place

In the very early stages of Hub Ottawa – at Hub Ottawa’s first Hub & Spoke event – Vinod Rajasekaran, co-founder of HUB Ottawa, made an open request asking the Hub community for help with the design and launch a web presence.   Manu Sharma, OAK’s founder and managing partner, was at the event and knew this would be a natural fit for OAK.  With a long history of developing programming support for youth entrepreneurship through programs such as TalentBridge, Ottawa Innovation Challenge, and Ottawa Community Challenge, a strong portfolio in developing and deploying projects for local non-profit community organizations like Apt613, CISED and One Prosper, OAK and its team had the necessary strengths to help Hub. But what was most exciting was the shared ideal of driving social change through innovation, and the common belief in the role that businesses and markets can play in addressing community issues and challenges. HUB’s vision matched perfectly with OAK’s ideals, and a perfect relationship was born.

The journey is just beginning. We are excited about the possibilities and look forward to the the Hub becoming the catalyst and driver for innovative home grown solutions for social/community development. In the past couple of days, we have been asked by a few people why we are so pumped about this partnership. And our excitement is really driven by the team behind the Hub – the passion and self belief they have brought to this initiative, the creative zeal that has transformed an idea into something so incredible, the thoughtful consideration they have given to every suggestion we have had to make about their digital presence, and the dream that they collectively share of making Ottawa a stronger more well resourced community.

… Few DREAM, fewer BELIEVE, and even fewer DO … and the six founders of the Hub did it!


If you are an Ottawa based community organization with a strong focus on grass-root change and you have a strong desire to see how technology can help you further your change footprint, then please get in touch with us. As a part of our community commitment, we seek to help 4-5 community organizations each year with their web/technology projects. We are always happy to hear your vision and how you feel we can work together to make our wonderful Ottawa community stronger and better connected.

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