OAK Incubation

For the “AHA” ideas, those that can change how we interact and work with technology, we will bring to your team our collective expertise and significant experience in technology solutions and business development.

But we are looking for the magic in your idea, and a well rounded team that can make the magic work.

Our Support Model

Recognizing the fact that most organizations have a need to keep software development and support costs low while servicing the day to day support challenges, OAK offers its incubation partners its services in a shared service model – which is designed to deliver broad spectrum of services across support, maintenance, development, upgrade and rollouts when they are needed and where they are needed. Some of the key highlights of the model include:

  • End-to-End Service Coverage: A bundled service management framework that allows customers to leverage our services and skills across the software development lifecycle of assess, plan, design, implement and run.
  • Flexibility and access to skills: Structured to enable clients to realize better value from software development investments by leveraging access to broader skills – both specialized and generic without the need for multiple contracts and financial commitments.
  • Pay-As-You-Use Service: Enables clients to buy a heavily discounted bundled software development package and utilize the skills as and when required.
  • Experience: As experienced software decelopers with robust governance, reporting and communication models we follow quality processes and SLA driven performance management.


Our Strengths and Interests

So, what do we do best? BUT more importantly which ideas are we interested in and can provide support for:

  • Web 2.0 based ideas – specifically Social Computing driven ideas, unique E-Commerce plays, smart and creative variations of Content Management Systems and Web-Mobile integration
  • Flash Animation & Multimedia driven ideas
  • Social Media & Web Marketing driven ideas
  • Mobile and Smart Phones based ideas
  • Web Branding Solutions
  • Office & Workflow Management
  • Facebook & iPhone Application Development
  • Financial & Accounting Systems

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