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OAK Computing Fun Wisdom WordleI was thinking, what better way to start a blog post about spreading fun wisdom than with an awesome Wordle concept cloud! I am seriously hooked on this site- in 2 seconds it creates a beautiful word cloud from your text. It’s such a great tool to visually map out your thinking, papers, copy or anything! Anyways, this is starting to sounds like a Wordle plug and not a blog post. How about I just consider that my good tech karma for the day?

Ok back to my blog post… where was I? Oh yes just beginning! So recently, I had to the pleasure to join Manu Sharma as he guest lectured for Stephen Daze’s entrepreneurship class. I have been out of university for 2 years now, and boy did it feel strange sitting in a classroom again! I love the idea of offering entrepreneurship classes to show students that the typical 9-5 job isn’t their only option. We need more people like Manu, Stephen Daze and other entrepreneurs encouraging students to honestly consider another kind of career path. And to give them words of wisdom that yes, it is possible, and no it won’t be easy. But oh will it ever be rewarding!

Manu told his story of being an entrepreneur and the story of OAK in a very real way. The struggles, failures, successes, and most importantly the FUN! Valuable advice to hold on to for any aspiring entrepreneur who wants to be their own boss, and who never wanted a “normal” career path. An amazing thing about being an entrepreneur and starting your own business is the freedom to create your own company culture. Be fun, smart and most importantly love what you do.

This was an awesome experience for me especially because I got to hear the story of OAK, from the ground up. Manu Sharma and Obaid Ahmed founded OAK in 2007 as a small, agile, confident and ambitious company. They both are very well educated and have had professional careers, but are entrepreneurs at heart. OAK was built on strong community values, hard work and sheer talent. Sure it was hard in the beginning, but there will always be struggles. Years later you will still be looking for answers… but that’s all part of the entrepreneur journey.

Words of wisdom to walk away with:

Find partners who complement your skill set. Build a team, not based on a resume but based on their passion, heart and what great they have built. The only product we sell is our time. Find one mentor to learn and grow from. Stand behind something you feel proud to have built. Never forget the importance of giving. Lastly, anyone can run a business tomorrow- it’s about how confident you sell it and how much fun you have.


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