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Welcome WordPress 3.7 “Basie”

WordPress 3.6 Basie

Today, WordPress 3.7 was released bringing with it some impressive improvements to the WordPress platform. At OAK, we have worked extensively with WordPress, and we are avid fans of this platform. Using WordPress, we have built some amazing solutions for our clients such as Pathways to Prosperity, Impact Academy, Apollo PTC, and TiECon Canada.

We put together a quick round up of some of the new features in WordPress 3.7 “Basie”.


Automatic Background Updates
This is an interesting feature to add. Automatic updates are now available for minor version of the core WordPress, which can also be extended to theme and plugin updates by choice. For more technical details of this update, check out Codex page
Considering projects like iOS and Google Chrome have already introduced this concept, it was time for WordPress to improve their core and ensure their installations are secure.


An Improved Password Meter
We’re just going to come out and say it – everyone is worried about WordPress security. Of course, some of the obvious security holes are due to weak passwords. And to address this, WordPress is helping users pick better passwords. As well, they increased security by implementing a new password meter which uses Dropbox’s zxcvbn library, a significant improvement in our opinion.


Enhanced Search
It’s no secret that WordPress search is weak. So one of the new features of WordPress 3.7 “Basie” is an improved search functionality. With this feature, you can now tell WordPress search to return:
  • Full sentence matches in post content
  • Full sentence matches in post titles
  • Any search terms in post titles
  • All search terms in post titles


Better Global Support With Language Packs
Samuel “Otto” Wood has a great overview of this new feature. With “language packs” you can now get faster and more complete translations. These language packs are separated from the WordPress core and they are maintained independently from plugins and themes.


Data Queries
With this update, data queries have been significantly improved. Check out the WordPress Codex for more details – but essentially, it is now easier to query based on a slew of data parameters.


Accessibility has been improved in a few locations, including table rows and colour contrasts in the default themes. For more information you can check out the Make WordPress blog.


A small, but much needed improvement in Multisite. A new wp_get_sites function has been introduced to replace the get_blog_list function, which has been depreciating for a while and was in need of an update.


New functions, classes, filters & actions
Looking at the WordPress release page, we find that six new classes have been introduced, along with ten new methods of existing classes. All these new functions, classes, filters and actions will definitely help us developer better WordPress sites.


In our opinion, WordPress 3.7 is a major achievement. This update addressed issues and improved some much needed features to makes it easier to design and develop WordPress websites.

Congratulations to everyone involved, especially Andrew Nacin, Jon Cave and Dion Hulse – and the 211 other people who have helped to push WordPress forward.

How to Create a Whiteboard Animation Video – Part 1

Originally, whiteboard animation videos were created by videotaping the process of someone drawing on a whiteboard. Since then, the technique has evolved by using software to create the same look and feel of a hand drawn whiteboard video. These types of videos are useful for business and educational purposes, story telling, or relaying a basic message in a short and engaging way.

Creating a more in-depth whiteboard animation video with characters involves several steps such as hand sketching, using industry standard software tools Adobe Illustrator and After Effects, and video editing. In order to properly explain the entire process of creating a white board animation video, we have divided it into three separate blogs: pre-production, production, and post-production. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s it Like Working at OAK?

Well, there is one thing everyone at OAK has in common – we love our jobs. This office if filled with driven, talented and passionate individuals. Everyday we come in ready to take on the world by building really awesome software, to say the least. We are expert problem solvers – we take on the challenge and create custom solutions to solve our client’s problems and needs. We are proud of the work we do and constantly push to redefine the world we live in. The atmosphere at OAK is filled with ideas, innovation, change and community. OAK is our home away from home; we seriously can’t get enough of this place. And now that we have some comfy new couches, it’s harder than ever to leave 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

What’s Happening @OAK: August 2013

There is a lot happening at OAK nowadays – not that we ever have much down time! It just seems like lately there is so much on the go. Summer so far has been jam packed with community events and campaigns, new projects, completed projects and luckily a little bit of sun.

As you may have heard, Manu received his Forty Under 40 award from the Ottawa Business Journal. The gala was so much fun and filled with incredibly passionate entrepreneurs. It was a fantastic way to celebrate the recipients’ business success, leadership, and dedication to the community.

There has been lots of community campaigning happening in our office for big causes (community is a word that comes up a lot at OAK, if you haven’t noticed already!). Over the past couple of months we have been focusing a lot on Kiva, a nonprofit organization aiming to alleviate poverty through micro-financing. They are doing major good for this world and make it easy for you and I to give small loans that change lives (learn more about OAK & Kiva here). Read the rest of this entry »

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