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OAK LABS is born – Welcome to our Co-Creation Space

Ever since Obaid, Dave and I started working on OAK together, we have harbored a desire to have a creative incubation space that would be open to like minded young technologists/entrepreneurs who share our passion of building new amazing things.  We formally started looking for a formal office space in March 2011, and the desire to open our potential space was at the back of our mind throughout our search. We, at OAK, are happy to announce that our idea of an “Incubation Lab” – a space dedicated to technology innovation, idea co-creation and all around entrepreneurial fun is finally coming to fruition with the formal launch of our incubation space that we are calling “OAK LABS”.

We have around 850 sq feet of space at our location at 44 Byward Market that we have cut out into around 10 work spaces. OAK currently occupies about 6 of those spaces and we have 4 open spaces that we are happy to share with any other technology/software development team that is looking for some prime real-estate. We are located right in downtown Ottawa, the emerging mecca for young technology companies. For the right candidate, we are happy and willing to consider very favorable terms. If you happen to be working on a kick-ass product that in your opinion will change how future generations will interact with technology – then that definitely is worth 40 browny points. About us – we are a team of 6 talented/young/ambitious technology professionals who understand their (few) limitations while (in general) being quite humble about their awesomeness. We are easy to get along with, and we absolutely enjoy the company of freakishly talented geeky developers and designers. If interested in sharing our space with us, please send us a note at team (at) oakcomputing (dot) com and let us arrange to get together and have a chat around your dreams, your view of co-creation and your sports interests (not really).

Why call us “OAK” – How did we choose our name?

We are asked this question a lot, hence a blog entry dedicated to this question. OAK, historically and culturally, is a common symbol of strength and endurance. An evergreen tree, OAK is identified with shade, strength, support and stability – a constant provider in the hot parched lands of Indian sub-continent that provides much needed respite to those looking for a dependable place to take a much needed break. It is always there, it stands firm and it always provides. 

In developing our software development practice, we wanted to build the foundations of our business on top of the values espoused by OAK tree. OAK prides itself on its strengths in technology development, our commitment to our clients and partners, our focus on doing the right thing and our desire to be around for a long long time.

Update: Trademark application for OAK submitted to the Canadian Trademark office

Update 2: Trademark application for OAK symbol submitted to the Canadian Trademark office

OAK has an office – Stop by if you are in Byward Market

We have mentioned this in some of our latest tweets, but this is big enough news for us to be worth a dedicated post. We have taken a break from working virtually and moved into an office. Yes, OAK has an office now ….. and we are located at:

44 Byward Market

Suite 220

Ottawa, ON – K1N 1K1

It’s pretty crazy, we only thought of doing it about 5 weeks ago, and now we’re starting our 3rd week here. It’s a great space, right in the ByWard market, next to SWIX … a company we have come to admire and appreciate over the years. Very exciting indeed.

The space was previously with one of Ottawa’s top consulting firms before, and we were lucky to get really good terms on it. We snapped it up after one visit and a few hours of reflection. Needless to say, all of us fell in love with it the moment we saw it. We both have great bright views of Byward Market (our French windows face the flower and garden kiosks) and awesome access to more than 20 of the best bars and coffee shops in Ottawa. We have over 800 sq feet of space, enough space to easily have 8-10 desks with space to spare. It already feels much more positive than sitting on our own ends communicating virtually.

Co-working was a definite need for us. We have grown fast in the last one year and grown to a point where we needed the added productivity – both in ideation and development – that comes with co-location to keep pace with our growth. We have been together in this new space for 2 weeks, and already we feel that it allows us to act/respond to emerging needs much faster. The only downside (if we can think of one of the top of our minds) is the commute and/or the parking, but the positives more than compensate for this challenge. We are still working on the name for our office … but we already have a clear favorite. More details on that in the next post that we will dedicate to how we are setting up the office …

In the meantime, drop in if you are in the market. We always have water, juice and beer stocked and we are always looking to enjoy a beer with anyone who comes to visit while enjoying the view from our French windows … This feels like a great step forward for us, and we are sure it’s going to lead us to being a more effective team.


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