What’s Happening @OAK: August 2013

There is a lot happening at OAK nowadays – not that we ever have much down time! It just seems like lately there is so much on the go. Summer so far has been jam packed with community events and campaigns, new projects, completed projects and luckily a little bit of sun.

As you may have heard, Manu received his Forty Under 40 award from the Ottawa Business Journal. The gala was so much fun and filled with incredibly passionate entrepreneurs. It was a fantastic way to celebrate the recipients’ business success, leadership, and dedication to the community.

There has been lots of community campaigning happening in our office for big causes (community is a word that comes up a lot at OAK, if you haven’t noticed already!). Over the past couple of months we have been focusing a lot on Kiva, a nonprofit organization aiming to alleviate poverty through micro-financing. They are doing major good for this world and make it easy for you and I to give small loans that change lives (learn more about OAK & Kiva here).

Throughout June & July we have been crowdfunding for a 3D printer pop-up centre, here at OAK. It was an incredibly successful campaign, and we even reached our goal 11 days early! Having this innovative technology accessible to youth, especially in disadvantaged communities, will allow them to explore their inner talents and creative side. The amount of support we received for our ‘Young Maker’ campaign is heartwarming. Thank you everyone once again!

Lately, we have had Dave Hunt, one of our co-founders buzzing around the office working on Hunt Software. If you haven’t heard, Dave spun out his own company out of OAK. We are extremely proud of him, and borderline worried about him sacrificing sleep to get his business off the ground. I’m sure everyone can agree, we have all been there! Being a talented, hardworking and … well incredibly good looking young man, we have full faith he will do amazing things with Hunt Software.

We also have been working on that top-secret project I mentioned last time. Well, now it isn’t so top secret anymore. It’s called AgentPin and it’s a marketing platform for real estate agents. It’s still in the developmental stage, and we will have more information in the coming months. Speaking of AgentPin, in the beginning of July we entered a Run for The Cure contest by KISS FM and won! AgentPin became AgentPink, and for one week our webpage and social media was completely pink’d out. But at OAK it’s not about the prize, it’s about the cause. Breast cancer affects many people in our lives and AgentPin is running on October 6th, 2013 in Ottawa and we would love you to join our team, or cheer us on at the sidelines!

On the design side of things, we are creating a Whiteboard animation video for our partners, The Institute on Governance. This is a really exciting project and allows our graphic designer Yasmine Taha to express her talent through storyboarding, character sketches, video editing, and more. It is still in development, but if you are curious we will be talking more about the process in some of our upcoming blogs.

Well I guess that is it from our end for now. This was a long post but we just have so much news to share! I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and it’s filled with trips to the cottage, beach and maybe even Calypso. I hear they have a pretty awesome bar … until next time!

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