What’s Happening @OAK: May 2013

Ah!! Back to work after the long weekend. Most of my peers are still in the long weekend mode, but not here at OAK. The office is re-energized and the team is ready to take on the warm challenges of the summer, building magical solutions for our clients, working on fascinating new ideas, and hopefully enjoying a road trip or two.

The winter was long, cold and unforgiving. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to a couple of our OAK family members who are taking the world on themselves. Dave Hunt, one of our former partners, has spun off OAK and created his own services company, we couldn’t be more proud! There is someone else we are also very proud of… our very own Manu Sharma has been named one of this year’s recipients of Ottawa’s ‘Forty Under 40’. He has been recognized for his entrepreneurial mind, leadership, and commitment to the community. We all know how awesomely talented Manu is, about time someone else recognized it. Just teasing, congrats Manu!

So we may have lost a few colleagues over the winter, but this month we have a new addition to the OAK family. Let me introduce myself… my name is Jessica McNeil, a Commerce graduate from Ottawa’s own Carleton University. I am so excited to join this innovative and dynamic team at OAK. I am hitting the ground running as their marketing intern, and in the making of their marketing manager. Words cannot describe how incredible it is to have the opportunity to work with the genius minds behind OAK.

The energy of our office is buzzing as we are generating new ideas and creating groundbreaking solutions for our amazing clients as we speak. Our developers are working hard on building a BlackBerry application for LEO– a Manitoba based online service delivering the most exclusive local deals. They also manage ongoing web and mobile development for clients such as Kichesippi Beer, Institute of Governance, Host India and The German Language school. We love and value our clients so much; we have Sonia Riahi exclusively dedicated day and night to accounts management. Sonia works hard building strong relationships with all of our clients to ensure we not just meet, but blow their expectations out of the water.

Product development is huge here at OAK. Right now, we are in the midst of developing an amazing top-secret, market-changing product. To give to a little insider tip, it is an integrated online marketing platform. That is all I am saying! But shhh… I didn’t tell you. This product is so exciting, we cannot wait to launch it and tell the world. Over the summer hopefully we will hit up a couple of conferences from California to Florida. Talk about a major perk of this top-secret project!

Our team loves to work hard. It exhilarates us and drives us to success, but we also love our down time. I can foresee some cottaging this summer, working lakeside with the sun on our face… all we need now is for the cold to go away and for summer to start!! So now you are all caught up on our exciting news @OAK, it was a pleasure… until next time!


2 Responses to “What’s Happening @OAK: May 2013”

  1. Such an amazing team at OAK !
    Good Luck !

  2. Oak is the best Company in North America, and I am looking forward to years of working together and maybe even taking our own road trip to meet everyone.
    Jim Lowther CD
    CEO, Founder

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