Young Maker: 3D Printer Community Pop-up Campaign

3D Printer Community Pop-up

It’s a very exciting day here at OAK. Over the past month and a half Manu Sharma, Luc Lalande and Obaid Ahmed have been crowdfunding to host a 3D printer pop-up at OAK. This printer will be used exclusively for community benefit, and will be available for onsite demos to community organizations. The aim was to raise $5400 in 45 days, and 11 days early we successfully reached our goal. The support we have received for this initiative was absolutely incredible. Specifically, the support from the Ottawa community has been outstanding, not that we expected any less! On behalf of OAK, I would like to personally thank everyone who donated and/or spread the word of the campaign. The power of word to mouth is very well known, and we witnessed it ourselves throughout this campaign.

Why We Believe in ‘Young Maker’

The value that a 3D printer will bring to the community is endless. The heart and vision behind this campaign is to open up the world of disenfranchised youth, starting here in Ottawa. Having access to 3D printing technology allows youth to open their minds to imagine, explore, and design. They can envision a prototype, explore the design process hands on, and bring their idea to life before their eyes. The ‘Young Maker’ will discover their inner talents, develop self-confidence and will be a part of a supportive community in Ottawa, and around the world.

Luc Lalande’s vision is for this technology to be integrated into our schools to redefine the traditional ‘shop class’, and to inspire our future manufactures and innovators. Having access to this technology will open up new pathways to education for youth, especially disenfranchised youth. The world is changing, and with it comes incredible technology like 3D printing that will redefine how the next generations will think and learn.

What happens next?

Well, since we have 10 days left in the campaign, we decided let’s not stop here. We believe we can do better and will continue to raise money for this campaign. Going above and beyond will allow us to buy more supplies and maybe even have more pop-up spaces. If we raise upwards of $8000, that will give us enough funds to purchase a second 3D printer. Now let’s see what magic can happen in 10 days!

For more information on 3D Printing:

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