Young Maker: 3D Printer Crowdfunding Campaign Update

3D Printer Young Makers
Our 3D printer Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has come to a close and wow, was it ever a huge success! Thanks again to all of our incredible contributors and everyone who has shown their support throughout the campaign. Not only did we hit our goal 11 days early, but within the remaining days we went above and beyond our original goal, how awesome is that?! A little over two months ago this was just an idea. Manu Sharma, Obaid Ahmed and Luc Lalande realized the possibility of what an innovative technology like a 3D printer could bring to youth in Ottawa, especially disadvantaged and inner-city youth.

So what happens after Indiegogo? Well, now that’s the fun part. There is a lot of work ahead, but are we ever prepared. There are three main steps that the Young Maker team will be focusing on next.

Step 1: Order 3D Printer & Supplies

First on our list is actually ordering the 3D printer (pretty essential to move forward I’d say). We are purchasing it from Markerbot, and will order the MakerBot Replicator 2 – recommended by one of our contributors, Andrew Plumb. The order will be placed the week of August 12th, and should arrive in the mail hopefully by the end of August. Our team is so excited, we can’t wait to open up that box and put it together!

Meanwhile, we need to order the supplies that will be used by the 3D printer to make awesome printed objects that will actually bring the ideas to life. The PLA filament and accessories will be ordered from a company out of Montreal, called Voxel Factory.

Step 2: Set up a home for the MakerBot at OAK

While not being used for community purposes, the 3D printer will stay at OAK Computing at 60 George Street in Ottawa. There will be a table set up in the office that will host the 3D printer, printed demos and more information about the campaign, the contributors, and the technology itself. Anyone passing by our office will be able to check out the printer and read more about how it came to be at OAK. The $500 “Community Change Maker” level contributors will also be contacted to determine which community sites they would like to see a 3D printer pop-up demonstration.

Step 3: Plan an awesome party

Probably one of the most fun parts of the campaign, planning the reveal party! Anyone who contributed at least $20 to the campaign are invited to our 3D printer exclusive launch. At the party, you will be able to see the 3D printer in action and gather more information about the community pop-up spaces. We will keep you updated about the party details as they unfold.


All of at us OAK, along with Luc Lalande are again so excited to take the Young Maker project off the ground. There is so much potential for our youth to explore their ideas through innovation and technology. This is just the beginning!

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